2017 Spring Mini Sessions! {Columbus Ohio Family Photographer}

Hello all! I can’t believe I forgot to post this a few weeks ago. I do most of my web communication through social media (like Facebook) and am so busy that I don’t often have time to update this site. This does not mean I am any less busy!! I have just a couple more spots in my spring mini line up. Contact me through this page or Facebook asap to book!

Fall 2015 Mini Session Recap! {Columbus Ohio Fall Mini Sessions}

My Fall Mini Sessions last year were in a word: FANTABUSPLENDIFEROUS. Seriously. They were beautiful, colorful, inspiring, FUN, and all around WONDERFUL! I am so very excited for this autumn and my upcoming Fall Mini’s of 2016! To give you an idea of how awesome Fall Mini’s are, here is a recap of last year. I couldn’t fit all of my sessions in this post. This is just some of them!  Enjoy! I’ll be posting my 2016 Fall Mini dates and times in the next few days! <3 <3 <3