2017 Spring Mini Sessions! {Columbus Ohio Family Photographer}

Hello all! I can’t believe I forgot to post this a few weeks ago. I do most of my web communication through social media (like Facebook) and am so busy that I don’t often have time to update this site. This does not mean I am any less busy!! I have just a couple more spots in my spring mini line up. Contact me through this page or Facebook asap to book!

Fall 2015 Mini Session Recap! {Columbus Ohio Fall Mini Sessions}

My Fall Mini Sessions last year were in a word: FANTABUSPLENDIFEROUS. Seriously. They were beautiful, colorful, inspiring, FUN, and all around WONDERFUL! I am so very excited for this autumn and my upcoming Fall Mini’s of 2016! To give you an idea of how awesome Fall Mini’s are, here is a recap of last year. I couldn’t fit all of my sessions in this post. This is just some of them!  Enjoy! I’ll be posting my 2016 Fall Mini dates and times in the next few days! <3 <3 <3








Vintage Spring! {Columbus Ohio Kids Photographer}

This shoot was a DREAM for me. It was something I wanted to do for a long time!! I adore vintage items, the vintage “era”, and as my oldest daughter says, “vintagy things” – so this shoot made me absolutely giddy. It still does. A HUGE thanks to my dear friend and business partner Sarah, who did our make up and hair, and styled the set, and to Abby, Heather and all the beautiful kiddos who let us snap so many photos! What a blast!

I hope to do another stylized shoot this spring, so if you are interested, let me know!