What an AWESOME session I had with beautiful senior Hannah! She and her mom are both so sweet and we had a lovely time. It was so cold outside, so shooting indoors in the warm greenhouse was amazing!!


Mister Miles

I cannot BELIEVE that Miles is already 2. I feel like his momma was just telling me she was pregnant! HOW DOES TIME FLY SO FAST?! I digress. We met on a very cold day to do his 2 year shoot, and he was such a good sport about it too!! Love him! Happy 2nd birthday Mister Miles!!


Christmas with the S Family!

There is nothing like a family full of boys. They are so much fun, energetic, and they keep things exciting! I loved my time with the S family!!! It was RIDICULOUSLY cold outside, so we spent most of our time indoors, and headed outside for a few quick snaps. I did a couple of head shots for Stacy as well, as she is launching a business to help moms get healthy get running! I love being a part of things like that!!!


The K Family!

Oh, the K fam! We always have a great time, and I just love capturing the giggles of Haley and Allie!! PRECIOUS. I’m so very glad Elton and Brian and the girls braved the cold and snow with me… I don’t think any of us could feel our toes or finger tips after this shoot, but we had a great time nonetheless!!! <3


The Amazing D Fam :)

That is just what they are too, amazing!!! I am so blessed to call these folks friends. Kevin and Megan and little Ewan always make me smile – love them!! I just love these shots from our Christmas card session in December!! <3